Donations in Lieu of Gifts

Corporate Gifts that Give Back
A very special way to support the children we empower is to make a donation to Πρώτα το Παιδί – Children First in lieu of corporate gifts or cards. Thanks to your gift, the children we assist will receive nourishing food that they need for their healthy development, academic assistance and medical care.
If you are interested in making a donation in lieu of corporate gifts, please contact us at [email protected]
We will provide you with an e-card of your choice customized with your messaging and corporate logo that you can then send to your corporate partners, staff or customers. Your card will send a message of solidarity and kindness, helping raise awareness to a large audience of people who in turn, may be inspired to support the children we empower.
Card 1
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Card 2
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Card 3
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Card 4
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Card 5
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Card 7
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